Zinus Modern Studio With wooden Slats

Would you like to check the bed frames with headboard?
This Metal Frame with from Zinus is coming with 10 wooden slats which provides support for your mattress. This product is coming with 4 different sizes. It is 10 inch high.

If you like this bed, but you prefer higher platform, go check the 14 inch high platform from Zinus.

bed frames with headboard

Twin*, Full, Queen and King.

*Please note that the Twin size does NOT have the middle support beam.

Shipment And Assembling

Many complaints about this particular product are due to the shipment. The box where the bed is packed sometimes arrives with some damage.

Nevertheless try to unpack the bed in gentle way, if possible. Rarely happens that the painting is peeling off. Once you spotted some damage you immediately contact a support.
Here is the email:

Generally this particular bed may surprise you with the look and quality considering the price. Of course, like with cars, not all of them coming out from manufacturer are in 100% shape.
(That could happen due to different quality inspection).


Any Downsizes ?

Here are some downsizes you might experience. Please note that the support works great and is responsive within 24 hours.

The first thing I want to mention is not really a downsize of product itself, but the weight, which might be an issue for some folks. Especially if you are on your own. The incoming part weighs 104 lbs! You want to call a help in advance. Also, it would be a good idea to check with delivery service that you want them to bring the box as closest to the door as possible. Since they were some cases that the bed was left out right at the street.

Please consider the unpacking in a larger room or where you have enough space. Then bring it you your sleeping room piece by piece.


Setting It Up

The process of assembling is pretty easy. Hex wrench is the only tool you really need and it takes about 20-30 minutes for 2 dudes to set up the bed – or about an hour if you want to set up the bed alone.
Of course, if you have a chance to use the power drill go ahead and you can save some time.

Good thing is, that there are only 2 types of bolts. All part are labeled by numbers from #1 to #8 and it makes all the assembling foolproof as many reviewers mention.


Additional Recommendations

The bed is pretty low to the floor. Depending on how you look at this issue, it can be advantage or not. If you have kids, it is very easy for them to jump on the bed – also for some for 2 years old.

By now you probably realize that the metal frame have some squeaky sound. If you happen to experience such noisy nights, please make sure that all bolts are tightly screwed. If you still hear the squeaking while you move, you better contact the manufacture. In meanwhile you can use some WD-40 to get rid of that noise.

To sum up, for this price you would not expect much quality. But the thing is, this the product might surprise you in a positive way. It is cheaper than comparable product in IKEA and much more easier to assemble. The Price ranges from $120 up to $170 for King Size model.

Metal Bed Frame



TWIN SIZE75" (190.5 cm)10" (25.4 cm)38" (96.52 cm)60.9 lb (27.62 kg)
FULL SIZE75" (190.5 cm)10" (25.4 cm)54" (137.16 cm)84.9 lb (38.51 kg)
QUEEN SIZE80" (203.2 cm)10" (25.4 cm)60" (152.4 cm)68 lb (30.84 kg)
KING SIZE80" (203.2 cm)10" (25.4 cm)76" (193.04cm)106.1 lb (48.13 kg)


Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000H Pros & Cons


  • Plastic Feet on The Legs
  • Easy Installation
  • Bang For The Buck


  • Minor Cases – Scratches or Paint Blistering On Some Parts of Frame
  • Squeaking Issues ( 5 Years Warranty Covers That As Well)
  • Some Complaints About Part Not Fit Properly

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