Great product for people who are not so tall (maybe even shorter than average) but still with big heart 🙂

They can effortlessly jump on the bed. In the morning then, sit down with still eyes closed with their foot touching the floor.

This low platform is very helpful for people with mobility issues. It is very  easy to get in and out of the bed. Not mentioning much less probability of getting injured by possible accident of falling down.

The package will arrive in heavy 60 lbs and 7 foot long box. It is all metal, so it is for 2 persons to carry the box.

You can choose from 4 basic sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King. 

The assembling process is quite easy. Steel sections are labeled with letters and numbers which show the order of the process.

You are provided with pre-calibrated torque wrench. The wrench is small but you can work with it.

It takes about half an hour to put the frame together. You are also provided with little extra more parts in case some are missing (in most cases screws).  What can slow you down in the assembling, are the slats. They require a bit more force to push them into the place.

Rubber mallet can be helpful as well.

This bed can be also disassembled, if you need to move or for any other reason and then, re-assembled as easy as first time. Actually lot quicker since you already gain the experience of putting it together.

The bed is overall very good build, in fact it is made more robust then needed. Several parts which are connected together are coated with rubber, so it prevents the undesirable squeaking.

Please, pay attention while assembling. The center crossbeam has to be placed with rubber side up. The metal rails then will be sitting on this rubber part. That is unfortunately not specified in the instructions.

This bed gives a great support to your mattress, regardless the weight. The slats are pretty close to each other (Gap is about 3″) and they are 3/8″ wide.

If you prefer lower bed platform, you cant go wrong with this specific model.




  • Mattress tends to slide due to lack of lips on the frame.


  • Easy to put together. 2nd person is not really needed. (But it is good to have a buddy nearby)
  • Good quality, sturdy, solid, quiet, well engineered.
  • Comes together with cover for the bed, which you easily can zip it up. Also easy to unzip and put it in washing machine.



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