This specific product is quite new. In fact it is less than year on the market, so the description will be rather brief.

It already happened that the seller mixed up the model and customer got a different product. Hope it will not be your case. Otherwise just contact the seller.

Like with any other product, if you find any scratches or broken screw – do contact manufacturer immediately and Zinus will be more than happy to send brand new parts.

They are very responsive.

It will take approximately 1 hour to assemble the bed.

Again, all tools are included and with Zinus 16″ Platform you get also the hex ratchet with extra hardware in case something goes wrong. Still, if you have a chance to use power drill, us the power drill. You definitely safe some time.

Instructions are easy to read. Each hole location had a number, so just align the same numbers and you will agree that the process is foolproof.

The legs of the bed have thin layer of foam in order to protect your floor.

Overall the frame is strong. 2 wooden slats have adhesive this tape which keeps your mattress still, which increases the general sturdiness.

You may hear slightly squeaking during the adult activities. We suggest to finish the ongoing task first and then check the bolts. They must be tightened as much as possible.

Having that fixed, you will not be disturbed by any external undesirable noises anymore.

Headboard has a decent cushion, although the material is not the best. But for the price of product, it really does the job perfectly.


Zinus 16 Inch Platform Bed

Here are Tech Specs you may take a look.

TWIN74.5" (190.50 cm)38" (96.52 cm)16" (40.64 cm)53 lb (24.04 kg)
FULL 74.5" (190.50 cm)53.5" (135.89 cm)16" (40.64 cm)77 lb (34.92 kg)
QUEEN 79.5" (201.93 cm) 59.5" (151.13 cm)16" (40.64 cm)84 lb (38.10 kg)
KING 79.5" (201.93 cm) 75.5" (191.77 cm)16" (40.64 cm)97 lb (44.00 kg)

Zinus 16 Inch Platform Bed Pros & Cons


  • Instructions are easy to follow. All tools included with some extra pieces of hardware.
  • Sturdy frame. Just make sure all bolts are pretty tightened.
  • Non Slip tapes so your mattress will not slide around.
  • Headboard with cushion offers comfortable sit against.


  • Possible to squeak, if bolts are bit loose.


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