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bed frames with headboard

Here is another option from the family of bed frames with headboard. Zinus 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame.

As a previous Mattress Foundations also this model is available in 4 different sizes;

Twin, Full, Queen, King.


Description and Assembling Process

First thing you may notice is that, this bed frame comes with the upholstered headboard. That is very handy when you want to sit up and read a book. Also your pillow does not get thru as it might happen in foregoing product.

Please keep in mind, since this is a metal bed frame it weighs quite a lot and can be difficult to carry the whole box from your yard to bedroom. So if you do not have your body besides you, you want to unpack the box and carry piece by piece. Because in some cases even 3 people are need to carry the package.

To assemble the bed takes something from 20 to 40 minutes. If you are alone and you do not find particular interest in assembling similar stuff it can take something about an hour.


You Are All Set…

As it was mentioned, it is heavy – but the thing is that you will be moving this bed from one place to another. It simply means that the bed is very sturdy. If you would like to have the bed frame with same strength of structure made by wood then the weight would be something about 40 pounds heavier.

This is perfect solution for those of you who want to use some extra storage room. There is about 12″ of space underneath the bed – good enough clearance for shoe box or similar stuff.  You can easily hide all the storage room by long enough blanket over the mattress.

Speaking of the mattresses, you can easily put the 10″ Queen memory foam mattress on the support. It fits pretty well. What one can find as downsize is that in such a case the headboard seems smaller.

Other than that, the headboard provides nice look to the entire frame. Ann most likely you will not find a bed with headboard for this price.


Few Things to be Aware Of

If by any chance you hear squeaking sound at night, please double-check if all bolts are screwed tight. In worst case scenario you can even use a plumbers tape (or Teflon tape) if available, or just contact Zinus Customer Service.

What also you could find disturbing is possible odor smell coming from the headboard. It is recommended to leave the bed in good ventilated room for 3-5 hours and it should disappear. But if should go away within week or two for good. Otherwise contact the support.


Metal Bed Frame

TWIN SIZE75.5" (191.77 cm)14" (35.56 cm)38" (96.52 cm)47 lb (21.32 kg)
FULL SIZE75.5" (191.77 cm)14" (35.56 cm)53.5" (135.89 cm)61 lb (27.67 kg)
QUEEN SIZE80.5" (204.47 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)59.5" (151.13 cm)67 lb (30.39 kg)
KING SIZE80.5" (204.47 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)75.5" (191.77 cm)79 lb (35.83 kg)


It Is Worth To Buy

This bed is really good Bang For The Buck. It is simple and it has the good quality.

Lets Check the Price. You can get the Twin Size for $110 or Full costs exactly $139.99.
Larger Sizes are bit more expensive; Queen is for $150 and finally the King Metal Bed Frame you get for $170.

For that price you can easily afford to pay additionally something over 20 bucks for 5 Year Protection Plan as offered by Amazon.


Zinus 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard pros & cons


  • Great Product for the Price
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Extra of Each Screw


  • Heavy to Carry the Box
  • Squeaks in Some Examples
  • Headboard might seem smaller

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