Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress

Zinus 5 Inch Mattress – Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress

Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress

Zinus has been one of the best-known low-cost brands in the online mattress industry, shipping bed mattresses in a box directly to consumers for years.
The company has grown to offer different types of mattresses, as well as other types of products such as bed frames (as an example Zinus Platform 2000H or higher platform Zinus 16 Inch Platform Bed) and sofas.
The main goal of Zinus is to provide comfort and quality at a fair price.


Perfect For Guests

The Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress proved to be another success for this company. Its price can deceive people into thinking that it is not a quality mattress, and honestly I also had low expectations.
In addition, in the advertised where it promises 5 inches thick, it actually didn’t seem to be so robust nor thick enough to be comfortable, although it was specially designed for sofa beds. I was wrong in all aspects, thank God.


What Is It Made Of

Doing a little research on the materials with which the Zinus is made, I discovered that the mattress is formed by memory foam and is combined with 4 inches of high density foam support. The foam mattress with gel memory makes your body fit perfectly and not sink too much.

Replacement Sofa Bed Mattress
It also comes with the latest evolution of memory foam, and includes natural extract of green tea and natural activated carbon to help absorb moisture, eliminate odors and keep the mattress fresh.

As a disclosure, I’ve never been a big fan of memory foam mattresses and I’ve always preferred the mattresses firmer, so if you’re a lover of mattresses too soft, I’m not sure it is for you.

This firm mattress has a removable and diffuse cover that is zipped around the three edges of the bottom for easy removal, and the metallic head of the zipper is meticulously tucked into a fabric “tunnel”. A glance inside the cover shows an internal gauze that holds the foam layer together with the cool gel.
I could not talk about the “Cool Gel” part, since it did not feel like gel or very cold, but you can tell when you use if for the first time that it is real high quality.
All in all, I feel very well lying down and it supports my back while providing enough cushion to hug my body.

If you are one of those people who are sensitive to chemical odors, this is much less stinking than other memory foam products on the market. Plus point!

Certipur Mattress


Queen Size Mattress For Less Than $160

This is an excellent mattress, and it’s worth the cost.
It is perfect for any visit that goes to sleep on your sofa bed, and I’m starting to think that it may be even better than my regular mattress. I still can not say how well it will hold up over time, but I’m sure it will last for many years.

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