7) PrimaSleep 18 Inch Tall Metal Bed Frame with Round Edge Steel Slat 


From the headline it is obvious this frame is suited for somebody who prefers tall bed and/or big enough clearance underneath. This option is worth to consider especially when you apartment is bit tiny. 

You have plenty room underneath the bed.

TIP: Have a power drill ready before assembling the bed.

Primasleep 18 inch you find in 4 basic sizes.

Full, King. Queen and twin.

Many customers are happy with the arrival, meaning mo parts are missing. That is caused due to good exit inspection. It should take no more than 30 minutes to set this frame up.  It is nicely tall, 18″ from the ground with 15 and 1/4″ of clearance.

We would not recommend to use the hex wrench which is included. Well, it may be helpful as secondary tool, but primarily you really want to use the power drill. There are 26 bolts you need to screw in.

Instructions could be written a bit more clearly. Fortunately the images shows the process pretty straight forward. And all the parts get together easily. Pat more attention to the color stickers which identifies which side of the parts are coming together.

Overall this metal frame is sturdy enough. The height of the frame can be appreciated by people with some kind of movement disability.

The mattress should not be sliding around due to the lip on the frame. If by any chance your mattres is bit smaller than the actual frame, you can get the anti-slip pads. You just insert them between mattress and frame and you will be fine.

Should you have any kind of issues with the product, you simply  contact the customer service, provide with the photos of problematic parts and you will get a replacement.

It is possible that your item might be noisy after a while. Also in some cases customers got package where was packed already used parts.

Besides the complaints the bed is well constructed.



PrimaSleep 18 Inch Tall Metal Bed Frame


TWIN74.5" (187.96 cm)18" (45.72 cm)38.5" (97.79 cm)39 lb (17.69 kg)
FULL 74.5" (189.23 cm)18" (45.72 cm)53.5" (135.89 cm)48 lb (21.77 kg)
QUEEN 79.5" (201.93 cm) 18" (45.72 cm)59" (151.13 cm)57 lb (25.85 kg)
KING 79.5" (201.93 cm) 18" (45.72 cm)75.5" (191.77 cm)75.5 lb (34.25 kg)


PrimaSleep 18 Inch Tall Metal Bed Frame Pros & Cons


  • Rounded corners of frame and legs. Decrease the possibility of stubbing your toe. It also prevents to scratch the mattress.
  • Due to the lip on the frame, the mattress does not have tendency to slip around.
  • Great space underneath the bed. It has 15 and 1/4 inch of clearance.



  • At the Arrival you might be unfortunate that some parts might have some dents or scratches. After assembling the bed your chances that the scratch is at the hidden part of assemble frame is quite high.
  • Included Allen Wrench is not the perfect tool you would expected. It does not fit the screw 100%. Also It is weak and in most cases it does not last the assembling process till the last bolt.
  • This package does not include headboard. If you wish to attach an external headboard you will encounter problems, mostly because of rounded legs of frame.

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