Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame – Outstanding Price

Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame is most likely the best deal you can find in the adjustable bed base family.

It is very heavy steal frame. Both Twin sizes (regular twin and twin XL) can support 1,600 lbs. distributed weight.
Larger units then 3,200 lbs.  as valid for Full, Queen, King and Cal King. Frame is provided with 4 very quiet electrical motors (smaller size has 2 motors).
One of the motor operates the head section, while the second one is for foot section. Head part can elevate up to 80 degrees and foot goes up to 30 degrees. All the movement is controlled by wired remote control.

This platform bed is very helpful for people with movement issues. Also great bed for elderly person, where you don`t have to worry about putting extra pillows in order to elevate the head section.
Getting in or out of the bed is much easier and quicker.  

Elevating the head section you can also avoid the burning pain in the chest. In another words it can be considered as natural reflux treatment.



Assembling Takes About 1 Hour

Sometimes reviewers claim that the box arrives beaten up. But no need to worry since frame inside is protected by Styrofoam. 

The Instructions are not very straight forward, at least at first sight. That is why please check the video and it is described how to assemble the Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame.


User Experience

People working in home medical equipment center claim that this is very well built frame. Maybe the foot section does not elevate as much as the medical bed, but as soon as the lower section goes above the chest level it fit for purpose.

By now you have probably already realized that it is perfect when you want to watch movie or just read a book. Being in the almost  upright position you can even enjoy snack while watching TV. (Not sure what will do with the mess though:) )

One of the advantages this bed has, is that it can be folded up and stored if you don`t use it for a while. Dimensions in folded state you can find the table below.

Folded Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame


Technical Specification

As already mentioned the frame is very sturdy, it is Heavy-duty steel construction.  You can choose from 6 different sizes. Check the table with dimension and pick your size.

TWIN SIZE75" (190.5 cm)14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)78.3 lb (35.52 kg)
TWIN XL80" (203.2 cm)14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)80.1 lb (36.33 kg)
FULL SIZE75" (190.5 cm)14" (35.56 cm)54" (137.16 cm)124.9 lb (56.65 kg)
QUEEN SIZE80" (203.2 cm)14" (35.56 cm)60" (152.4 cm)133.3 lb (60.46 kg)
KING SIZE80" (203.2 cm)14" (35.56 cm)76" (193.04 cm)160.9 lb (72.98 kg)
CAL KING84" (213.36 cm)14" (35.56 cm)72" (182.88 cm)158.3 lb (71.80 kg)


Here are the Unfolded Dimensions

TWIN SIZE37.6" (95.5 cm)3.3" (8.38 cm)39.8" (101.1 cm)
TWIN XL40" (102.11 cm)3.3" (8.38 cm)39" (99.06 cm)
FULL SIZE37.6" (95.5 cm)6.5" (16.51 cm)27.2" (69.09 cm)
QUEEN SIZE40.2" (102.11 cm)6.5" (16.51 cm)20.1" (51.05 cm)
KING SIZE40.2" (102.11 cm)6.5" (16.51 cm)38.2" (97.03 cm)
CAL KING42.1" (106.93 cm)6.5" (16.51 cm)36.2" (91.5 cm)


Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Pros And Cons



  • Very quiet motors. You barely hear them. Great range of elevation.
  • Great product (also) for older people who can not move that briskly. They can get in and out of the bed much easier. Eventually very helpful for their relatives as well.
  • Comparing to similar product, you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


  • Remote control with wire. It is bit oldish, but if you don`t mind the look of 80`s you should be OK with that.


What Have We Found Out

Despite the old looking wired remote control, this bed is really good deal for the price.
It does not have the USB port, special lightning or memorized position. For Such price you would not expect such cool features, we believe.

And If you do find better deal, please leave us a comment below. We really would like to know.

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