Olee Sleep – Contour Support Mattress

Built with hardened steel coils, HD and memory foam, the Olee Sleep Hybrid mattress aims to combine all the best aspects of the best mattresses for a truly stellar sleep experience.

Contour Support Mattress


Let’s take a look at the hybrid to see how well it works, to find out what kind of sleeper would enjoy this mattress the most and to confirm that this is the mattress of your dreams.

Olee Sleep 12 inch Hybrid – Contour Support Mattress

The Olee Sleep 12-inch mattress topper is primarily designed to meet the need for Contoured Support of your Vertebrae while you sleep.
It is composed of 5 layers which include tempered steel coils with independent insulation whose particularity is to adjust to the curves of the body creating an equal weight distribution, therefore relieving any point of pressure along your neck, shoulders, back and hips.
Contour Support Mattress



To ensure that this mattress lasts for many years, its coils are protected by multiple layers of HD and memory foam that gives it unparalleled quality and incredible comfort.

But how well does it live up to its mission? It could be said that this mattress fulfills what it promises and even goes further.

It is perfect for sleeping both in the stomach and in the back. As many users have experienced, they get up without pain and with a good rest.
Some people may not like the slightly mottled surface of the mattress, but I have no problems with it.


User Experience

One of the favorite things about this mattress is that it looks and feels like a much more expensive mattress (I’m really surprised at how little you pay for this mattress, especially considering similar items).

The upper part feels like organic cotton, it is super soft and breathable. The individually wrapped coils of the inner spring portion have worked exactly as expected:
You no longer feel like you are in an earthquake when your partner lies down. Or when he moves like a fish out of water all night.
Does it sound familiar when your partner has to sleep on the couch most nights because you simply could not sleep near him/her.

Well, with this mattress you barely notice him lying down yet, nor do you feel ANY movement throughout the night. This is an extreme improvement.
The quality far exceeds what the price would make you believe. Everything is at least as good or better than you would probably expect from such a cheap mattress.
All sizes cost about $260!

Contour Support Mattress

Great Mattress For Great Price

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an uninterrupted night’s sleep, especially if they have a hyperactive partner, or a large dog that sleeps with you. This is a seriously decent mattress. I doubt you will find others at this price point that are of this same high quality.

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