Milliard Tri Folding Mattress – Great For Camping

Tri Folding MattresS – Single 75″ x 25″

Going camping either for a weekend or for several days, is one of the pleasures that most nature lovers enjoy. But that doesn’t always mean that you have to go through a bad night and discomforts, and even less, “sleep wherever you fall”.
A good rest is important after a long walk and to guarantee your comfort away from home, there’s the Milliard Tri Folding Mattress.



Considered by many as the best foam mattress for camping, this model has many advantages in its favor, standing out for its versatility. It is ideal for various uses, mainly for resting on your camping or outdoor vacations, but also to be used as a seat, as a guest bed, etc.

Unlike the inflatable mattresses or traditional mats, this memory foam mattress provides a better rest and you can unfold it easily and without taking up much space.

This Milliard foam mattress has been specially designed to be part of your camping equipment, its thickness of 4 inches is less than the usual mattresses, and has the ability to fold and unfold it whenever you want, which makes this mattress the perfect option for campers or travelers.

Certipur Mattress

It has the security standard CertiPUR-US that guarantees that the mattress has been made with memory foam and plastic, free of toxic substances and with strict safety regulations.

You will have a durable and reliable mattress for a long time.


Any Drawbacks ?

On the other hand, a disadvantage that I could find in this mattress is that, although the Internet reviews are high and it has the support of many users who recommend it; Some critical comments have been said to express that this mattress model can sometimes feel too firm.

However, there is no doubt that this is a safe and reliable purchase. With this Milliard mattress model you can rest comfortably without worrying about anything and take your camping days as a true relaxation to the stress of each day.
For this it has 75 x 25 x 4 inches; which ensures comfort and rest in any situation.


Personal Experience

The memory foam with which it is made is quite pleasant. It is dense, but of a very light weight. When I tried the mattress for the first time, my hips sank into the foam, but my back keep feeling supported, and I didn’t feel the floor at all.
Keep in mind that it puts some pressure on your shoulders, something to think about if your shoulders have medical problems.

This mattress could also be your salvation if a friend arrives at the last minute and you have space problems and you don’t have a room for guests. And The Price ? It costs $150.
Because of its versatility and ease of folding and moving it, you can easily assemble it in any part of your house and offer a place to spend the night to your guest.

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