5) Homegear Platform Metal Bed Frame

Are you looking for a cheaper solution ? This platform from Homegear might be exactly what you looking for.

If you are sick and tired of your old box-spring , and you do not feel like investing too much in expensive bed frame, well here you go. This particular platform is easy to assemble. You just put your mattress on it and “Voilà” – you are all set for upcoming night.

Of course for such a price you cant get 100% satisfaction. There are some complaints about squeaks & rattles but really only in minor cases. You might notice that there are considerably large gaps between wires. They could bent under certain circumstances.

Basically this platform is not recommended for individuals over 250 lbs.

On the other hand if you want to have a temporary solution, for example for guests – by all means go for this one. It does not take too much room, so it is very easy to accommodate. In the morning you just fold up the bed and store in garage or some other place. No need for tools in order to assemble/disassemble the platform.

Well at first glance you might thing, this is kind of camp bed or small bed for a baby, but it really does its job.

It comes with 6 different sizes as per table below.

TWIN75" (187.96 cm)14" (35.56 cm)38" (96.52 cm)27 lb (12.25 kg)
TWIN XL80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)36.8" (93.47 cm)27 lb (12.25 kg)
FULL 73.9" (190.50 cm)14" (35.56 cm)53" (134.62 cm)39 lb (17.69 kg)
QUEEN 78.7" (199.89 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)59" (149.86 cm)44 lb (19.96 kg)
KING 78.7" (199.89 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)74.8" (189.99 cm)51 lb (23.13 kg)
CALIFORNIA KING 82.6" (209.8 cm)14" (35.56 cm)70.7"(179.58 cm)50 lb (22.68 kg)


Homegear Platform Metal Bed Frame Pros  & Cons


  • Super Easy To Assemble
  • Easy To Store/Move
  • Very Affordable (price-wise)


  • Squeaks in Some Cases
  • Wires Tends to Bend
  • Not Recommended For Persons over 250lbs

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