Dreamfoam Mattress Review – Triple Layer Mattress

Dreamfoam Mattress Review

The popularity of memory foam mattresses has grown tremendously in the last 10 years, due in large part to their comfort and the number of options to choose from. However, a major drawback with memory foam mattresses is that they trap heat and therefore may not be ideal if you tend to overheat or have hot flashes at night.

Triple Layer Mattress

Fortunately, the Dreamfoam Haven Cooling Gel mattress does not have this problem.
This mattress has three layers composed of super soft quilting, memory gel foam and polyurethane foam.
Memory gel foam solves the problem of “hot flashes” as it is a breathable foam with gel infusion that helps maintain the mattress’s normal temperature and provide comfort and an extraordinary night’s sleep.

Dreamfoam – Mattress Made In USA

Doing a little research about the brand, I found out that the Dreamfoam mattresses are manufactured in a factory located in the USA.
They are known for using materials of the highest quality, and their main focus is to provide excellent design, sewing and processing. They are mattresses backed by a generous 10-year guarantee without inconvenience.

Arrival Of Mattress

One may be skeptical of buying a mattress that comes in a box, and even more, that it is an online purchase.
However, if you need something quick and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, it is worth the “risk”.
This is being done in the United States (very important I guess) and it has excellent reviews, so there must be something about it. By all means go ahead and bet on Dreamfoam.

The mattress comes compressed and rolled into a box for easy and convenient package shipping. Once opened, you have to wait at least 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand and the possible odors to dissipate.

Firmness – Extremely Soft

This mattress is undoubtedly extremely soft, it could be the same sensation as sleeping in a cloud. It doesn’t feel too “sinky”, but if you are one of those who prefer a firm mattress then this model is not what you are looking for.

The difference between this mattress and any old mattress is night and day in terms of comfort and quality of sleep. It’s gentle enough to fit your lower back when you’re lying down, without feeling like You’re being sucked.
Literally, you feel your vertebra finally line up properly when you are on your side because your hips and shoulders are no longer tilting towards each other.

1st Class Mattress For Reasonable Price

I would recommend that anyone with pain in the lower back (or any type of pain actually) do not hesitate twice to hit the buy button.
And if you’re just looking for a good memory foam mattress remember that they exist for all budgets from $450 to $700.
So you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a comfortable and durable mattress.

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