Dreamfoam Bedding – Medium Firm Mattress

9 Inch Medium Firm Mattress From DREAM-FOAM Bedding

Medium Firm Mattress

It’s time to say hello to the Dreamfoam mattress.
This American family business manufactures its mattresses originally in the United States. It has been an important player in the mattress industry for quite some time and is looking to continue in the mattress industry for a long time.

I decided to take a look at the Two-Sided version of Dreamfoam, which is one of its most popular models, and I decided to give it a try so that I could safely say all the features, benefits and not so good features, if any.


What Features Does This Mattress Have

For starters, the most highlighted and most useful feature of this Dreamfoam mattress is that its bottom is made in the same way as the top. That is, it has the same layer of foam and padding as the upper part, which allows this mattress to be reversible, making it a much more durable mattress.
These mattresses are also lightweight: the isolation of movement here is exceptional, so those who wake up easily should sleep soundly without worrying about being woken up by a restless companion.


How Firm is This Two-Sided Mattress?

As for its firmness, I would say that this is on the medium side.
The padded foam and the pocketed coils make this mattress firm enough to support your back, but plush at the same time. I used to wake up with back pain every morning on my old mattress, but with this one I haven’t had this problem at all.

medium firm mattress

On the other hand, you may not like the two-sided DreamFoam if you are looking for a softer mattress. This brand is still on the firmer side of medium, which is great news for those who prefer this style, such as those who sleep in the stomach or those who carry a little extra weight.
In addition, the harder foams tend to soften over time.


Reasons to Get It

Once the mattress is expanded, it feels like any other mattress. You will not want to waste time taking your first nap on it. This mattress is worth a million dollars for me, I can finally have a restful sleep and a normal life again.

You will definitely love the Two-Sided DreamFoam if:

  • You prefer medium-firm mattresses. The DreamFoam is made of pocketed coils which gives it the firmness that characterizes it. However, it also has built-in foamed foam to make it soft and comfortable.
  • You are looking for a durable mattress. Thanks to its padded layer on both sides of the mattress, you can turn it around and make the mattress have many more years of life.
  • You want a mattress of excellent quality but at the same time economical. Even the Largest Mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding you can get for less than $300. There are hundreds of mattresses of the same quality but up to a thousand dollars more expensive that are usually found department stores. However, the DreamFoam has nothing to envy to those mattresses. I assure you that you will feel as if you slept in a luxurious hotel every day.

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