Classic Brands Adjustable Bed – Bed Base With Massage

Adjustable bed bases are getting affordable for more and more people. One of the best deal is coming from company Classic Brands and because of its high popularity we decided to do a review of Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base.
As you can check the rating on Amazon, this base has one of the highest raking on the market.

All position of base are controlled by wireless remote control. Base has also  massage function for head and foot section. Each position can be set in memory and you call it off by simple pushing the button. It also provide with USB port to charge your phone or other device during the night.



Before we jump into the process of setting the base up, let me share with you on thing. Apparently King Size for some reason can not be delivered by UPS. It is probably too big. But if you order Queen or smaller, UPS has not problems with that.

Process of Assembling:

Please NOTE that It is required more than 1 person to handle the base. 

You get the base in front of your door folded in one pack. If you order two twins, obviously you get to packs.
For the sake of time you can check quick video (less than 90 seconds)


Your adjustable comfort bed base is now ready to be used to maximize your comfort.

Well, the retainer bars hold the mattress in its place. All of the adjustable bases have them. The one used at Classic Brands, is very common type due to the simple and useful design.
The only thing that can bother you is when you want to change the sheets. A little advice: Leave that activity to your partner 😉


Tech Spec

As mentioned all features are control via remote control. What is really cool, this remote has several pre-programmed position such as:

  • TV position
  • Zero Gravity position – Do not get confused. This position will not make you elevate. That term actually comes from NASA. They have developed special seating position that reduces the forces on the body during take off. This idea then has been overtaken by bed manufacturer. They realized that it can be beneficial also for people using bed at home. 


  • You can put in memory your customized position.

Let’s say you found the exact position you like. You adjusted foot and head to certain degree, and now you want that this specific position to be memorized -> hold one of the M button for 3 sec, and your position is memorized.

What is the range of inclination.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

You can elevate your head all the way up to  65 degrees, legs 50

TWIN XL80" (203.2 cm)14.8" (37.59 cm)39" (99.06 cm)103 lb (46.72 kg)
FULL SIZE74" (187.96 cm)15" (38.1 cm)59" (134.62 cm)128 lb (58.06 kg)
QUEEN SIZE79" (200.66 cm)15" (38.1 cm)59" (149.86 cm)137 lb (62.14 kg)
KING SIZE79.5" (201.93 cm)15" (38.1 cm)75.5" (191.77 cm)171 lb (77.56 kg)
SPLIT KING80" (203.2 cm)14.8" (37.59 cm)78" (198.12 cm)206 lb (93.44 kg)


Massage Function.

You barely hear the noise but you feel that nice vibration even if you have thicker mattress. You have 3 different speeds. Even at the highest lever, the base remains stable.
Well the noise is subjective and the noise also depends on the floor. Obviously on the carpet it’ll be quieter than on the wood floor.

Massage functions is not restricted by the position of the base. What you also might like is the timer. You set the timer and quietly fall asleep.

Weight limit 650 lbs for queen size. Please note that the limit includes the weight of base and frame. So basically the you still have about 550 lbs weight limit.

Oh and lets not forget about the different high settings. With different length of legs you can choose out of 3 different clearances.

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed


User Experience

In few cases reviews have claimed that the bed got stuck in upper position, to be more specific in the full upright position. Contact the support immediately as they are pretty responsive. In meanwhile here is little tip that might help you to get the bed out of the stuck position:

Double Check if the foot section still works. If so, you can use the foot controls to bring the head section down. 


Pros and Cons


  • Great Customer Support. Some uses had issues after the purchase or they miss some part, so they contacted the support (real person). Their response is pretty quickly and in many cases the replacement came within 24 hours.
  • Easy to Assemble. Average time for 2 people is 15 minutes.


  • Remote Control does not have illuminating buttons. It might be difficult to operate it in the dark. It is easy to remember the Poisson of buttons though.



So please remember it requires at least 2 people  to set this base up.

Well at the end it doesn’t really matter how old are you – we all find benefit using the adjustable bed frame. Also we have noticed that more and more customers are interested in adjustable bases.
With much affordable prices, the comfort of sleeping is raising for lot of people these days.

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