6) Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Metal Bed Frame

Based on the previous review [jump link] you may already guess that this frame also, would be perfect for guests.  An asset to the frame before is that this innovated metal bed frame comes in 6 different sizes you can choose from.

Twin. Twin XL, Full. Queen. King. California King.

The dimensions you can compare at the table below the text [jump link]

This frame will arrive to your home pretty much assembled. There is no need for tool. You just unpack it, secure the legs and support bracket and get two halves together. It should not take more than 10 minutes. Don`t worry if it takes bit longer. Sometimes. it is just not our best day.

Generally customers are happy with the frame; although in some cases they complain after year (or even less) of daily use.

Mainly it concerns that the bed does not last long, it is getting noisy, wires tends to bent. And we are talking about regular fella – not particularly overweight. For example, your spouse already fell a sleep and if it is shallow sleep, you can not get into bed without waking her/him up.

Apparently the manufacturer customer service is not the best one either.

Therefore we would not recommend this specific solution as a long term.

On the other hand it is perfect for guests you will have once in a while. They may appreciate the sturdiness, and also the clearance underneath. For better look you can use bed skirt too. It works OK with 10″ memory foam mattress.  If you have some kind of hard floor, you better use the plastic toppers on the leg. Otherwise you risk the scratches on that floor. In case you are missing the toppers, you just grab paper towel and put it underneath the feet. It also reduces the noise.

One Tip. Do not waste the packing box. It might be very useful to use it under the mattress. It prevents against sliding around and creates a better support for the mattress.

As it is easy to assemble, it takes not much effort to fold it back. Entire structure is easy to move to storage room or basement. Therefore we can consider this specific bed – without any exaggeration – as one of the best folding guest bed.

Go check the size and pick the best option to your needs. Your guests will appreciate that they do not have to spend the night on the sofa. It is definitely better solution than traditional box spring.


TWIN75" (190.5 cm)14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)
TWIN XL80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)
FULL 75" (190.50 cm)14" (35.56 cm)54" (137.16 cm)
QUEEN 80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)60" (152.40 cm)
KING 80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)76" (191.77 cm)
CALIFORNIA KING 84" (213.36 cm)14" (35.56 cm)72"(182.88 cm)


Best Price Mattress New Innovated Pros  & Cons


  • Super Easy To Assemble And Move
  • Comes in 6 Different Sizes
  • Better Solution Than Traditional Box-spring


  • Tendency to Bend
  • Noisy
  • Weak Structure


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