Best Price Mattress – 14 Inch Metal Bed Frame

Cheap Bed Frame
The Best Price Mattress company offers Metal Bed Frames. And this particular model comes with 6 different sizes with combination of 2 different color.

Even-though this is considered as a cheap bed frame, it supposed to be super sturdy with durable steel slats.
So Let’s take a look at the customers experience, what are their experience.


Assembling Process

We are talking about a sturdy metal mattress support. That means, the platform is heavy (please check the table with Tech Spec). It is always better to carry the box in 2 persons. Also the process of assembling will go much faster if you are two of you.

Do not worry about tooling. The package comes with 2 Allen Wrenches. It should not take more then 20 minutes to set up your bed.
Being alone and handy you can count max 30 minutes; for newbies no more than an hour including distractions, which may come along.
The most difficult part is the open the box itself. You may use a knife to cut it open

The entire structure is well designed and instructions easy to follow so you will not miss a piece. All parts are labeled.

Cheap Bed Frame



Experiences With Bed

You will be not disturbed by any squeaking in the night, even during the adult activities. Also the metal legs do have the plastic feet to prevent scratching.

People are pretty happy how the frame. It is solid and quiet and that applies for 250 lbs fellas.

Here I would like you to notice that the mattress may slip around. Therefore please use some kind of non slip pads or mesh under the mattress. Also yoga mat will do the job. Some customers claim that they use drawer line and they are happy with this solution as well.

For someone who is afraid that the slats have bigger gaps, than they should have, he can insert wooden cross beam and if the height is right, it will easily solve the sliding issue as well.

Metal Bed Frame


SIZE/DIMENSIONLengthHeightWidth Weight
TWIN EXTRA LONG80" (203.2 cm)14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)46 lb (20.87 kg)
TWIN 75" (190.50 cm)14" (35.56 cm)39" (99.06 cm)45 lb (20.41 kg)
FULL75" (190.50 cm)14" (35.56 cm)54" (137.16 cm)61 lb (27.67 kg)
QUEEN 80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)60" (152.40 cm)66 lb (29.94 kg)
KING80" (203.20 cm) 14" (35.56 cm)76" (193.04 cm)75 lb (34.02 kg)
CALIFORNIA KING 84" (213.36 cm)14" (35.56 cm)72"(182.88 cm)75 lb (34.02 kg)


Best Price Mattress Model E Pros  & Cons


  • Instructions – Easy To Follow
  • Quiet Frame
  • Very Sturdy


  • No Side Frame – Mattress tends To Slide Around
  • Watch Out For Your Toe – Legs Made of Steel
  • Small Percentage of Customers Complain About Wrong Parts – Do Not Fit Together


Inexpensive And Preferred Solution

If you looking for a sturdy cheap bed frame which provides clean and modern look, this is a  great option for you. It is perfect also for your guestroom.

Do you already have a foam mattress and still not getting quality sleep. Well check the mattress support. It may be that the support is not solid enough.

Do not invest in a new bed. Get this specific bed frame and with your mattress improve the quality sleep.

Good night 🙂

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