Bed Frame – Box Spring Replacement

Bed frame can be considered as Box Spring Replacement.


Box Spring Replacement

So if you are already fed up with your old box spring, here you can find a List of Best Bed Frames you can choose from. Many models are with or without headboard and all of them are for very affordable price, ranging from $70 to $300.

Here, we divided bed frames in 2 main categories:

  1. Top 15 metal bed frames
  2. Top 5 Electrical Adjustable Bed Frames

We are building up a list of Top 15 wooden bed frames as well.

The first thing that you can ask your self is; what is better: metal or wooden frame.

Quite shortly – metal is more sturdy comparing to wooden frames. Although many of us prefer the wooden frame as the warm touch of nature, structure made from metal does not need to be that robust and yet can hold same amount of pounds as wooden made from much thicker parts.