Hey There.

I am Mike and together with my fiance we have decided to share our knowledge regarding the Beds and all the stuff relating to Bedroom. 

Bit of my curriculum; I am Mechanical Engineer – got my degree in 2003 as Master of Science. I have more than 10 years of experience in Aviation Industry. I was design engineer involved in primary,  secondary structure and also designing the interior for Airbus A380 and A350.

I am grateful that I was part of the development team for A380, right on site in Toulouse France where is located the final assembly. Airbus Industries is located on 4 different EU countries (France, Spain, Germany and UK) which gives the opportunity to travel .. sometimes a lot.

Big portion of my job throughout all projects I had been involved in, used to be reports, presentations of current situation, technical specifications and finding solutions to technical problems.

After certain period of time, I decided to settle down and working on myself towards of being m

y own boss. So I left the Corporate World and currently working on my own.  Besides that I do write reviews and learning personal development as well.

We have been travelling quite a lot and I mean living in places for year or two, then moved to different location and so on. It was mostly due to my work but also we like to travel a lot.

We have been always talking about the sleeping room; whether it was the flat we stayed for a longer period, or hotel room for a couple of days or just friends we visited.

Do you realize that approximately ⅓ of our time we spend on the bed?

In most cases the Bedroom is not just a bed. Bedroom consists of other furniture like dressers, nightstands, bedroom armories etc. The overall feeling of the room consists of the surrounding furniture. That is the area where we focus on as well, here at furnitureforbedroom.com.

I can imagine, You want to have that cozy feeling while you lie on the bed regardless if you are ready to fell asleep, or reading a book, maybe you just waking up and getting the morning coffee from you love one, tee, maybe prosecco on Sunday 😉

We are of the opinion that since we used to wander around the world we are very able to give a first hand information regarding the bed and the furniture around.

We constantly researching the internet, review the sites, and gathering the best of knowledge. You can take a look at the outcome by yourself.